Clinical Current is a digital health insight consultancy. We enable clients from across the healthcare industry to understand the digital environment in which they operate and to make more informed decisions for their business. 

Our services benefit from our deep knowledge of the digital health space and insight methodologies along with a firm grounding in the broader healthcare industry. This experience means that whilst we specialise in digital insight, all our initiatives are underpinned by a deep appreciation of the whole business context.

Clinical Current is based in London and works with clients and partners from around the world.


Digital media has increased significantly in its share of the marketing mix in recent years and is likely to build a firm lead in marketing investment as 2013 progresses. This trend raises important questions for healthcare companies wanting to develop a digital footprint that engages their audience whilst adding value to their business.

Clinical Current specialise in digital health and provide business critical intelligence, insight and strategic recommendations. We stay on top of trends in digital health and the broader healthcare industry so we can analyse the market with rigour and ensure our work delivers valuable insight that is relevant to the whole business context. This ensures that the counsel we provide gives key decision makers a full understanding of the digital environment in which they operate so they are in the best position to make informed decisions for their business.

No other company combines industry knowledge and research expertise to exclusively deliver digital health insight. As marketing leaders seek to build and establish their digital health initiatives we are uniquely placed to answer the important questions.

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